When you join our global community of subscribers, you gain unprecedented access to our growing library of professional conferences and other events, allowing you to view relevant professional events at your own pace, on your own schedule. Online Symposia eliminates the travel, registration and other expenses inherent in attending many professional events. Change the way you view information today with an Online Symposia subscription.


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Through Online Symposia's exciting, innovative publishing interface, subscribers can virtually attend your event, helping to increase the size and diversity of your audience. Now there is an alternative way to effectively spread information in addition to traditional onsite symposia and webinars. At Online Symposia, we extend both the impact and reach of your conference or symposium in a way never before available.


As a professional hosting an important event, you want to ensure that your information reaches as large an audience as possible. Once you have recorded your presentation, Online Symposia will help you make it available worldwide and viewable on a variety of mobile and desktop devices.

See our How to Record article for great information on how to record your event!


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Once your account is set up, you can upload your videos to our secure server for processing or ship them to us on a DVD, hard drive, or USB stick.


We save you time, hassle, and expense by encoding your videos into multiple formats and an audio only copy for road warriors that like to listen on the go. Your subscribers will be able to play your content on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, and Android devices with easy fast forward, rewind, and skip through video functions.


Virtual attendees in our global community of subscribers can watch your event, replay and take notes as needed. As an event provider, you determine how the viewer’s subscription will work for your particular event. Publishing through Online Symposia can significantly increase the long-term impact of your event.

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