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A subscription to Online Symposia opens up a virtual, on-demand library of conferences and events relevant to your industry. Whether you’ve been to an event, and want to review the information, or simply couldn’t make it to a specific conference or symposia, Online Symposia’s virtual viewing experience is the next best thing to being there. When you subscribe to Online Symposia, you’ll get all of the important information covered in that event, at your own pace and on your schedule.

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System Requirements (plugged in & changed slightly from For optimum playback of Online Symposia’s video content, the following is recommended:

  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 (.53.64) or above
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, Safari 3.0 or above, or Chrome
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or above, Macintosh OS X 10.4 or above, or Linux
  • JavaScript and Cookies enabled

In addition, broadband internet connection is recommended. A downstream bandwidth of at least 1.5 Mbps will provide you with a clearer playback of our event library.

How can you test your downstream bandwidth? For a simple and free test, visit Click on the “Begin Test” button to begin a speed test. Your resultant downstream bandwidth will be displayed in the “Download” box that appears in the middle of your screen. Updating to ensure you have the latest versions of the following programs, if applicable, will also help ensure the best possible viewing experience:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Macintosh OS X 10.6
  • Linux
  • Your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.)

If you need further assistance with Online Symposia video replay, please contact us via our contact form.

A broadband internet connection is necessary for a smooth, enjoyable playback; however, if your broadband connection isn’t running at its best, videos may stall and stutter. Below are some tips and suggestions for improving the video play issues associated with this problem.

  • The video may be downloading at a slow, inconsistent speed, resulting in a jerky viewing experience. Try pausing your video until it finished downloading, and then playing. The may eliminate any kinks in video replay.

  • Disconnect and reconnect with Online Symposia, and try playing your video again. Sometimes, the video will play more smoothly when given a fresh start.

  • When videos stutter or stall on a wireless connection, there are two possible solutions. First, try moving your viewing device closer to the wi-fi router for a stronger and more reliable signal. If that does not work, watching over a wired connection may produce improved results.

  • If your internet connection is being shared with others, try to view your Online Symposia content when they are not running bandwidth-intensive programs.

  • Similarly, running bandwidth-intensive applications like BitTorrent or Skype may significantly hinder your ability to receive a smooth replay of your Online Symposia content. Try closing out of them until you are done viewing your OS event.

  • If you notice more video stalling issues when in full-screen mode, it may be helpful to lower your desktop resolution.

  • If stuttering and stalling is still a problem during replay, trying performing a speed test on your current connection. It is simple and completely free of charge. Visit and hit the “Begin Test” icon to start a speed test. If download speeds are below 1,000Kb/s, then bandwidth is limited. Connection speeds can fluctuate from time to time, so a few tests may be needed to get an accurate overall reading.

  • If your bandwidth speed is limited, considering viewing at the standard 288p videos, which will be less likely to stall or stutter. You may also want to consider contacting your Internet Service Provider to inquire about higher download speeds.